Saturday, 26 January 2013


Banglade sh Flower

"Flower and Garden TipsFlower and Garden.

Flower and Garden Tips brings you gardening help and advice at the click of a mouse...Jump straight in and read this page to get the inspiration and creativity flowing .... Starting A Garden or wander through the greenery at your leisure!

Kindle Alert!: You can borrow Kindle books for FREE! And 'HOT off the PRESS is the new 'How To Grow Peppers'
- you don't have to buy a whole book if you just want to grow a few veggies. This Kindle mini-book is the seventh in a series. There should be another available in a couple of days. I'll keep you posted!: How to Grow Peppers

Top 50 Flower and Garden Blogs

Our list of top 50 Blogs was compiled by listing over 1400 of our favourite blogs and then calculating their popularity using the well known metrics of Alexa Ranking and Technorati Ranking for each site.

To combat the skew which Alexa rankings has towards internet marketing and web design blogs, we reduced the weighting Alexa had on the results by a factor of 4 before calculating the overall score. Rankings on this page are updated daily.
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